Gipsy Rufina

Gipsy Rufina is an alias of the travelling singer-songwriter Emiliano Liberali from Rome, Italy. From a small "freak out" town between the mountains in the center of Italy, the so called Saint Valley, he desired to see what was beyond the mountains. Over the mountains was Rome, where Gipsy played in different bands in the 90s hardcore punk scene. Soon Rome with its enclosed Caput Mundi mentality became really small. In 2002, he wanted to see what was over the ocean. Once over ocean it made sense to cross the United States on the Greyhound for months and start to write songs in Chicago strumming an acoustic guitar, which he bought for ten bucks. In 2004, ending up in Koeln, Germany he started playing gigs opening for his friends, local heroes, the Cowboys on Dope. From 2008, Gipsy Rufina became a full time touring musician hangin' all around Europe in the pure troubadour spirit. In 2009, his latest album, End of Decade, was put out on the Swiss label Road Sweet Road. Lately Gipsy Rufina has played tours in: Portugal, Spain, Basque Country, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Danemark, Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Ukraine, Lappland, Macedonia, Albania and Belarus. His new album Space Talking was released on October 15th 2012 by different Gispy Rufina's friend's record labels from Italy and Switzerland: Fooltribe, Risonanzarec, Indipendead and Burning Sound. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.