Gone for Days

"Gone For Days" is a four piece rock band that you simply cannot mistake for anyone else. The unique sounding vocals and hooks of front man Chris Taylor, aggressive guitar playing of Jesse Hatch and the solid backbone of bass and backup vocals from Chris Dickman set you up for the last but certainly not least element, Justin Pacy on the drums. It’s only natural that you’re now a fan and singing along with the band and your body is in full motion. New England based rock group “Gone for Days” originated in 2010 after lead vocalist Chris Taylor had left his current band Vegas Temper. His vision was to pursue a different songwriting direction that was more personal to him as a writer. Through a mutual management relationship, Taylor had met guitarist Jesse Hatch who at the time was in Florida who just accepted a job with a Universal Record label doing radio promotion, touring, as well as artist development in Nashville Tennessee. Ironically enough the radio promo stuff was done for various hip hop artists such as Flo-Rida (Atlantic Records) Boa (SM) Jon B (Arsenal/Universal) and some of Cee lows artists such as Eddie Fontane. The staff soon recognized Hatch’s talent for songwriting and was soon outsourced as a songwriter. Hatch was still looking for a similar song writing situation as Taylor and the two forged a long-distance writing partnership, and would soon record what would be the first songs of the Gone For Days project. After catching the attention of major labels and management firms, Taylor and Hatch decided that it was crucial to live closer to one another. Jesse packed up his life in Nashville and moved to New England to unite with Taylor to build the band in its entirety. It was now time for Chris and Jesse to complete the rest of what would become “Gone For Days”. In the past Jesse had worked on a project in Nashville with vocalist and bassist Christopher Dickman. The Gone For Days project was over 1,000 miles away, yet Jesse immediately texted Chris to brush up on his bass playing skills and asked Dickman to come to Boston for an audition. Determined to shine at the audition, Chris learned every GFD song in less than two weeks. After the auditioned, Dickman was accepted into the project and like Jesse, left Nashville and all his current recording projects to pursue Gone for Days full-time. Enter an old bandmate of Taylor's - Justin Pacy on the drums.... They would now share the stage as “Gone For Days” with the lineup complete. Band Members: Chris Taylor Jesse Hatch Christopher Dickman Justin Pacy Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.