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Guardians is a five-piece group who formed in 2009 only as an afterthought. Recently they have been making their mark on Madison, Wisconsin where the band calls home. Having a strong passion and respect for making music, the band is striving harder each day to accomplish their goals of covering any possible mass of land, reaching any ears which will listen and allowing their band to function as not only the output of their blood, sweat and tears, but also their ever-growing business. Taking much time to record their debut entitled “Words of War” the band focused on straying away from what their partners were doing. They chose to record their album with Sumerian Records’ own Born of Osiris. This helped them achieve a milestone in progress and build their confidence. After a myriad of concerts and months of effort, they became a frequent of radio play in the state of Wisconsin. With a full length release "The Alignment" ready for release shortly, this should only push the band’s stream farther. They seem to be growing rapidly, opening concerts for national acts such as Born of Osiris (Sumerian), The Color Morale (Rise), and Volumes (Mediaskare). Guardians continues to push through a thickened metal scene, not stopping for trends, but instead paving a new path for themselves. After touring the mid-west in 2011, they now advancing further out to the country. The band has extensive tour plans for 2012 with plans to let everyone in hearing distance know that they are here to stay. In summary, if you aren’t already listening to Guardians, somebody else probably is. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.