Hanssen is a human person called Brit Hansen. In high school they started making rave music and mostly bad industrial music with another human person called Dave Pezzner. They kept doing it, and eventually came to call their collaborative project “Jacob London”. Many other human people all over the planet Earth heard their quirky house music and appreciated it. But after some time, they stopped collaboratively producing music as much, because Dave Pezzner wanted to become famous with a solo project called “Pezzner”. (He has since accomplished this goal.) Hanssen also continued making music. Getting away from irony and sample-based, pop-culture-referencing techniques, this new music has been much more focused on sounds created by make-believe machines called “software synthesizers”, a bass guitar, and various bits of audio found laying about the room. Dabbling in many forms of sometimes-danceable, often-ambient, and occasionally-just-a-little-bit-quirky electronic music, Hanssen has had remixes and original releases published by fine music labels such as Ghostly International, Om Records, Hush Hush, Innerflight, Viva Recordings, KnightRiders, and many more. Other artists using the name 'Hanssen': 1. Rika Hanssen from Moscow, Russia. Atmospheric trip-hop and experimental artist. Female vocalist with great music. She released her first solo album, "X", in 2013. A few of songs from the album were purportedly written while having sexual intercourse. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.