Harlequin Jones

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Harlequin Jones rebel against any easy categorization, calling the songs roughly "piano punk, and blues." Some onlookers also consider them as the cult genre dark cabaret. 
The music mixes catchy dark pop hooks with lush, low female vocals. Once considered an art experiment, Harlequin Jones have honed their originality and skill into something more tangible. Amanda von Loon's trashy elegance on piano along with rich, lush, deep vocals compliment Jesse Arcadio's part jazz-master part scrap metal machine drummings to result in a synergy of moxie, chemistry and talent. In 2006, these attributes were demonstrated with the release of their first self titled EP. The EP was welcomed as something refreshing by listeners. Their second record release in 2011 deemed reviews worthy of saying that "Harlequin Jones was one of the most underrated bands on the earth." In 2012, Harlequin Jones have just released there most recent record titled Overflow. Produced by the esteemed Dean Dichoso, Overflow is Harlequin Jones greatest achievement to date. It cycles from fast paced punk style like "Pass The Time," onto the other extreme of a heartbreaking ballad such as "Overflow." Harlequin Jones has been cited by others as a type of music that has often been compared as "Fiona Apple meets The Dresden Dolls." HJ fans have also revealed to be big Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, and Tom Waits fans. The band became a fully functional weapon officially in 2005 in an antiquated bedroom in dusty Simi Valley, CA. Ever since Von Loon and Arcadio found their compatibility to fit like lock and key, they continue to create and play music in the Los Angeles area. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.