There are several artists with the name Harvester: A Swedish psychedelic rock band, a Hungarian grind'n'roll band and an American indie pop-rock group. 1) Harvester was a Swedish psychedelic rock band, formed in 1967 as Pärson Sound. They changed their name to International Harvester in 1968, and shortened it to Harvester the same year. Harvester turned into Träd, Gräs och Stenar in 1969. 2) Harvester is a Hungarian grind'n'roll band. You can download all their recordings from their official blog. They recorded an EP called "Watch Me, I'm an Artist" in 2007 and an LP in August 2008 called 'The Magnificent Humiliation'. It was out in late 2009 on the indie netlabel Chromechoes. 2010 saw a new e.p. coming entitled 'We Are The Nottebohm Case'. While still maintaining the brutality and speed of death metal and grindcore and the fast marching rhythm of hardcore punk, 'We Are The Nottebohm Case' has some really weird, Helmet-like passages, old school hard rock vibes with some melody and the usual ironic overtones. 2012 saw the coming of a new e.p. MERDRE! It is their most catchy, yet still brutal release, with melodic stoner tunes, clean singing at some part, but holding on to death metal, grindcore and straight-to-the -face hardcore riffs. In the end of 2013, in mutual agreement, the band was put on hold for an undefined time. 3) Harvester is a high energy stoner band from Galway, Ireland. They play balls out, charging through songs with an almost terrifying momentum. Harvester kicks in the door and introduces themselves on opening track "Cosmonautical Mile", charging, chugging and squealing through almost seven exhausting minutes of heavy stoner groove only pausing momentarily five minutes in for an engine revving floor tom respite. It's a rude introduction to the band but we'll get the door fixed after the album stops spinning. "Circle Eater" picks right up where the first track leaves off with some powerful bass grooves courtesy of Steve Loughney and introducing some welcome Lynott-isms on guitar. A theme and influence that will be revisited later on the EP. On "Aberration" drummer Kenn Sweeney waxes Des Kensel-ian, letting his inner caveman out. And that should read "letting his inner caveman out running, screaming, club held over head ready to strike a death-dealing blow". The caveman spills out onto the next track "Old Blood", with rapid fire tom fills and rolls that rev like a Harley. And you know a Harley ain't about nothing but power and intimidation. Towards the end of this track twin guitars (Gavin Grealy [also on vocals] and Bryan Higgins) sound profoundly like some of Phil Lynott's best moments, a maze of rapid fire scales to make the head spin. "Atom Splitter" is a slower, more sludgy, doomy number. Grealy's yelled vocal performance recalls a particular brand of New England style of singing found in bands such as Black Pyramid, Summoner, Slow Mover and Set, among others, and I begin to wonder if this isn't an Irish thing (yeah, I know, not everybody from Boston is Irish). Closing track "All Roads Led Away" is a melancholic and epic instrumental. It's epic in the choice of chords. A tune emerges from a fog of minor chords which builds until it fades away, dissipating into an acoustic refrain, whereupon the track and the album comes to a close. Overall it's a kick-ass EP, and I mean that in an almost technical sense. It's an uptempo and high energy recording that mixes some excellent influences and gives each member of the band his moments to shine. 4) Not really intending to be a proper band, Harvester formed in the Fall of 1993 in Chico, CA. Singer/guitarist Sean Harrasser had previously played in the Vertels and Disaster Scrapbook. Originally a vehicle to record some songs, Harvester started playing shows without much in the way of rehearsal, fanfare, or quality. Guitarist Jed Brewer joined during this period. The name "Harvester" came from a mispelling on a piece of Sean’s mail (Sean Harvester). The three guitar, no bass line-up played most of its songs in the very low C# tuning, making for quite a fun mess. In early 1994, former Case For Radio / Yardstick bassist Todd Steinberg joined the band. Highlights from this period included a show with the Archers of Loaf and a dog-piling mess of a show (w/ acutal dogs, too!) at a backyard ping-pong tournament in Davis. Gary Janssen played drums for a few of these shows. That summer, Harvester recorded their 10-song, Granite...What?! cassette. The cassette soon perked the ears of a rep at DGC Records. After a performance a mile underground in the 12 to 1 Goldmine (Sierra Nevada Mts.), Harvester recorded its DGC debut, Me Climb Mountain, with Darin Keatley at Enharmonik Skateramp (Sacramento, CA), where they had done all of their previous recording. Harvester went on to record three more albums and an ep: Congratulations on Your Nudity EP, Camper Van Landingham, Mud is My Ally, and Annoying the Waitress. Members are now spread throughout the country, mostly in Portland, OR, and Sacramento, CA. The band still plays live once in awhile and is finishing up a new album, due out in late 2008. The current line up is Sean Harrasser, Jed Brewer, Todd Steinberg, Ario Lynch, and Jon Sebat. 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