There are at least three artists/bands under the same name: 1) Headstrong is a Canadian alternative metal band formed in 1998. 2) Headstrong aka Don Jackson is now regarded as one of the fastest rising new talents in the dance music scene and also one of the most prolific song writers and musicians. 3) Headstrong was a Los Angeles Skinhead band in the late 1980's. ------------------------------------------- 1) Headstrong is a Canadian alternative metal band formed in 1998. They released one eponymous studio album under RCA Records before being dropped from the label and ultimately disbanding in 2003. The band members all met while attending University of Western Ontario where they each a received a degree. Their group initially began in the late 1990s under the name bomb32 in their native London, Ontario. Comparable to acts such as 311, Stone Temple Pilots, and Helmet, they used the popular of Farmclub to promote their music. The strength of their first single, "All of the Above," earned Headstrong over a million votes from fans of the television show's site. They became Farmclub's first international guest and were granted a performance at LA's Farmclub stage in the summer of 2000. While there, they shared the stage with the likes of Kid Rock and Eminem and caught the attention of David Bendeth, senior vice-president of A&R, who signed them afterwards.[1] Headstrong then made their live United States debut at the CMJ Music Marathon on October 12 at Don Hills, New York. Thanks to their booking agents S.L. Feldman & Associates, Headstrong then embarked on a Canadian tour with fellow Canadians Flybanger starting in November 2001.[2] On February 19, 2002, they released their self-titled debut under RCA. Headstrong managed to find success with its single "Adriana," which reached #15 on the Mainstream Rock Tracks and had a music video. However, problems began erupting within the following months. In late July, Headstrong was pulled from touring with Tommy Lee in a decision reportedly made by RCA to end the band's tour support. By this time, Headstrong had also been believed to be writing and demoing new material which would possibly be showcased in their forthcoming fall concerts. However, in August, a mere six months after their debut album's release, Headstrong was dropped by RCA.[3] The following year in late April, Headstrong decided to split up, citing disillusionment with the record label as one reason. 2) Don Jackson (Headstrong) is a English electronic music producer, song writer and musician. He has worked with several of the top vocal trance singers including Kirsty Hawkshaw, Andrea Britton, and Tiff Lacey. The music produced is released under the Headstrong alias and is featured on many compilation albums including Nightmusic Volume 2 (2007) and The DJ 3 in the Mix (2006). Jackson befriended music producer and label owner Matt Darey, and has since been working with Darey's label Darey Products. This table summarizes a few of the tracks Don Jackson has performed. "Close Your Eyes" (2005) "Silver Shadow" (2006) "Show Me The Love" (2006) "The Truth" (2006) "Symphony of Soul" (2007) "Love Calls" (2008) "Helpless" (2008) Headstrong - Timeless (Part 1 Album) (June 2010) Contains 24 tracks Including Sometimes, Lost In Time, Resurrection, A Spell On Me, Tears, Symphony Of Soul, Silver Shadow, Broken Ice, Love Of Fools, Fallen, Helpless, Into You, Circles, Trumpets (Waterboys Collaboration), Taking On The World Love Until It Hurts, Party 2Nite, Crimson Sky, Rainbows, Here In The dark (Shelly Harland Collaboration) With fantastic reviews in all the top magazines and websites the future of Headstrong looks more than bright for this talented song writer. His Dance Music has been firmly supported by the top 3 dj’s in the world Armin van buuren, PVD & Tiesto plus support from Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel & Dresdon & Markus Shultz to name but a few. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.