Christofer “Helblinde” Nilsson is a 23 year old DJ and producer from southern Sweden. He’s been in the business for only 3 years now but are one of the few who consider himself lucky enough to be where he is today. He grew fond of hard dance music and techno at a very early age which in the end pushed him towards hardstyle during 2006. He bought his own decks and started to spin and a couple of months after he decided to start producing. He is known for mixing various “hard” genres ranging from UK hardcore to Speedcore to gabber and more on various online shows including a Ustream broadcast with a dedicated following. During these years he have played at various venues in sweden, spinning next to people like DJ Dione, Bluecore, dab, uplift, [email protected] but also at online events together with sharpnel, m-project, tanuki, ozigiri, t+pazolite,Roughsketch and many more. Most of these sets were together with the allkore crew ( On the producing side he have had both CD-collaboration releases with allkore and niteflare, and many free releases that have been free to download. The download count for 2007-2010 was 70.000 downloads, with most of them coming directly from The favorites according to the stats have been Ritsuen!!, Hardcore Frontiers 2011 and Song of Saya. Helblinde released a CD in 2014 called "Life Starts at 200bpm". J-core is the genre of music he creates. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.