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There are several bands tunder this name: (1) Black Metal from USA (New York). Formed in 1992 (2) Heavy/Thrash Metal from USA (Las Vegas). Formed around 1993 (3) Thrash Metal from Greece (Athens). Formed in 1994 (4) An Indie Post-Hardcore band from USA (California). Formed in the mid-90's (5) Grind/Death Metal from Malta (Birkirkara). Formed in 2001. (6) Progressive / Melodic Heavy Metal from Canada (Saint John). Formed in ? (7) Thrash Metal from USA (California). Formed in ? (8) Folk / folk-rock band from UK (Nottingham). Formed in 2007. (9) Rock band from the UK, formed c.1972 (1) Ultra harsh and sick, ugly Black Metal from New York, USA. Featuring Dan Lilker on bass (Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth, S.O.D., Anthrax) & Thomas Pioli on guitar (Ceremonium, Obliteration, Putrifact, & 13) Discography: -Hemlock / Black Army Jacket (Split album, 1997) -Funeral Mask (Full-length, 1997) -Crush the Race of God (EP, 1998) -Lust for Fire (Full-length, 1999) (2) Our band is Hemlock. We are based out of Las Vegas, NV. Although our real home is on the road continuing to carve a name for ourselves in the underground. We have toured with Slayer, Hatebreed, Soulfly, Otep, Slipknot, Lamb of God, Disturbed, Chimaira, Drowning Pool, HedPE, Shadows Fall, Snot, Devildriver,Sepultra, Exodus, Sevendust, Arch Enemy and tons more. We have done regional touring in the Southwest headlining shows and also toured across the entire U.S. several times now. We tour about 8 to 9 months out of the year. Hemlock has already established themselves as a hard working, touring band with a loyal and expanding fan base. The ‘Lock continues setting examples to bands to work hard towards their goals and not wait around for a handout from the industry. Hemlock is a good heavy brutal onslaught of metal, with an arsenal of catchy lyrics, creative breakdowns and melodic hooks. The live shows are fun, rowdy, and energetic. Hemlock gets the crowd involved and puts on the show of a lifetime, every time. You can keep up with the band through the band official website or and check out upcoming shows, chat on the messageboard, see pics of the band, and read about the adventures on the road. You can order Hemlock merchandise (it’s the only form of tour support they have) from the website, and join the street team if you want. Hemlock will also keep you updated with their mailing list, so sign up at the next show. Hemlock is the hardest working up and coming metal band in the entire US, and they will continue to do it all for the love of the music and the fans. For booking or Hemlock info contact: [email protected] or [email protected] Look forward to seeing you soon. (3) Thrash Metal from Greece (Athens). Formed in 1994. They released two demos: "After the Death" (1995) and "Moonmaniac" (1996) (4) An indie/post-hardcore band California active in the mid-90's, featuring members of Fishwife, Rocket From The Crypt, No Knife, The Jade Shader, Pinback, Systems Officer, Ryan Ferguson, Tanner, JAK, Poinciana Jazz Quartet, Radio Wendy, The Shortwave Channel, Reclyner, Keepsake, Camera Obscura, etc. They released two 7 inch records, a 12"/CD EP, and two full-length albums, while they appeared on countless compilations. All but the first full length (which was released on Liquid Meat Records) were released on seminal CA hardcore label Goldenrod. (5) Death Metal / Grindcore from Malta. They released two demos: "Vomiting Forth Intestinal Remnants" in 2003, and "Molested Cervical Tissue" in 2004, then disbanded. (6) Progressive / Melodic Heavy Metal from Canada. They self-released one full lenght in 1994 called "Exordium". (7) Hemlock was a Thrash Metal band from USA (Lodi, California). Little is known about this band, but they probably started in the late 80s. They released a 3 song demo called "...a little taste" in 1990. (8) Folk / folk-rock from Nottingham. Released one self-titled EP in 2011. (9) Released one eponymous album on Deram in 1972., Featuring ex-Keef Hartley Band vocalist Miller Anderson. Drummer Eric Dillon and organ/piano players Peter Dines and Mick Weaver had played on Anderson's 'Bright City' album the previous year. The two releases also shared a producer in Neil Slaven, who produced a large selection of Deram's releases including the Keef Hartley Band albums. The music on the Hemlock album is somewhat similar to Anderson's 'solo' release, being a solid mix of folky, bluesy and country rock with vaguely progressive leanings. Anderson's talent as a songwriter, plus all round good performances and production elevate this above the average dreary 'blues rock' of the time. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.