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IDEM (meaning equivalence) have put together a very personal mixture of tracks which reflect a variety of musical genres such as Low-Groove, Heavy-Ambient or even Drum’n’Mass . Their particular approach to rhythm has helped to create compositions which really surprise. Theirs is a sound which can be placed somewhere inbetween SofaSurfers and Scorn. Instruments are treated here as equals with sampling and machines. With emotive atmospheres prone to sudden outbursts, and more attracted by free structures than by the traditional approach of verse and chorus, the largely instrumental songs develop a very personal sense of rhythm and sounds. The beat is intended to be both clear and persuasive in order to complement the melody and original framework which constitute the backbone of these resonant and haunting ballads. This is music of movement, sometimes serious, sometimes lively, where energy doesn’t come into conflict with introspection and where calm doesn’t exclude force. Intelligent and highly enjoyable, even playful and mysterious, IDEM’s creations demonstrate that, when it is being original and not sticking to established norms, music can escape from familiar ground without becoming something which is reserved solely for specialists as a result. WWW.IDEM-KZFP.COM Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.