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Irish Dew is a Czech band playing mostly instrumental music influented by variety of European folklore (especially Irish, Czech and Balkan), combining it with features of popular and rock music. The group was established in 1994, recording famous Czech album "Balady" with brothers Nedvěd, released in 1955 . Forming members of the band were Václav Veselý (accordion, guitar, arranging), Jakub Klár (flute, whistle), Petr Stráník (guitar), Zdeněk Pohorský (violin) and Josef Kůstka (violin, vocal). The band has released two albums. The first one is called "Závist" (1997), the second one "Šance" (2003). The personnel of the group has changed several times throughout the years. Nowadays Irish Dew consist of five members - Václav Veselý (accordion, guitar), Jan Veselý (violin), Andy Seidl (guitar, vocal), Jan Brabec (banjo) and Martin Bouma (bass). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.