Jan Pietrzak

Jan Pietrzak has established himself in the capital of Poland - Warsaw - back in the communist dark ages. His theater is called "Buffo". Despite censorship & intimidation he surfaced as the funniest critic of Polish political establishment at the time. He has been funny and you could think his job was easy - there was one "enemy" and it was easy to make all the nation who already hated the establishment for the most part laugh at it. But the turn of political situation with liberation (Solidarity, Pope John Paul II, Walesa and many, many heroes) destroyed the easy target. Pietrzak could have successfully retired as Poland's funniest stand up comic, writer, hero, reporter, historian, patriot. He chose the more challenging path and to this day continues to find what is common in human nature, what is typical of all of us (not necessarily just Poles) and he lets the true colors of human nature shine thus making us laugh. His deep knowledge of European history combined with unmatched wit and ability to observe and ridicule human nature are yet to be matched by any performer in any of Western Civilizations. He proudly performs both his songs and monologues. His creation - "Let Poland be Poland" unifying all of above characteristics has spontaneously become the anthem of Solidarity underground and continues to play this role unto this day. This is your Pietrzak - a man with the past, living the present, clearly able to foresee the future - deep inside - we all humans are the same: we like to have some food, clothes and laugh. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.