Jason Trachtenburg

Jason Trachtenburg is a Seattle songwriter who gives you "Revolutions Per Minute." With musical instruments as his weapons (see album art), Jason Takes on such subjects as cellular phones, business politics, nutrition, auto insurance and toothpaste. In 1988, Jason moved to New York City where, for five years, he was a member in both the Anti-folk and the Performance-Art scenes of the Lower-East Side. Austin, Texas was Jason's next destination where, in 1992, he collaborated with the one and only Daniel Johnston on both songs and videos. He also formed a rock band called The Pancakes with Cheese during this period in Austin. In 1993, Jason moved to Seattle Washington where mere minutes after his arrival, he met and began collaborating with future President of the U.S.A. - Chris Ballew. As the Presidents began their meteoric (yet well above average) rise to fame, Jason could often be found opening up for the President's many sold-out shows with his original, goofy, and bizarrely strange, sharp political songs. Chris Ballew has produced four collections of Jason Trachtenburg's original songs over the past eight years including 1993's "Let the Fishes Do the Asking", and 1996's "Lefty's Black Bag", the later of which was co-produced by Popllama's legendary founder Conrad Uno. 1999 brought "Your Favorite Song" which expressed Trachtenburg's explanation about the overplaying of big hits. Jason Trachtenburg has received many extraordinary reviews for his quirky, melodic, and transcendental musical performances from national and localized publications including the Alternative Press (Dave Thompson), The Rocket (Joe Ebhar), The Stranger and The Seattle Times (See top of page). Jason is currently the music editor of the North Seattle monthly newspaper, The Jet City Maven. He also has had an on-going monthly performance show at The Annex Theater in Seattle for the past two years. Also, Jason has been incorporating the use of a slide-show presentation to compliment the songs and help explain the story that each song tells (The slides were actually purchased from different area Estate sales of people he did not know!!). Jason's daughter, Rachel (age 7), plays drums in these live slideshow musical extravaganzas, while his wife, Tina, runs the projector onto the backdrop from the back of the room. This makes for an audio-visual sensory experience unlike any before - Unreal... absolutely a crowd pleaser! Trachtenburg Family Sildeshow Players http://www.last.fm/music/Trachtenburg+Family+Slideshow+Players http://www.slideshowplayers.com/ Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.