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Junai Kaden born 16th April 1990 is a Pakistani singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist fresh to the music scene now signed to Tiffin Beats Records as Award winning urban sensation Mumzy Stranger’s very own prodigy. Where the UK Bhangra music of 2011 is concerned, Junai Kaden seems to the be only name on everyone’s lips and thoughts after a teaser of his first single ‘Aaja Meri Naal’ featuring Mumzy Stranger was released. Born and raised in Essex, Junai first begun singing since the age of 14 but didn’t believe he would be given the chance ever to pursue this dream so he went into DJ’ing and soon after learnt to play instruments like the piano and dhol. Already possessing great talent, Junai used to fly back and fourth from the UK to Pakistan where he picked up various traditional styles of singing and learnt to play the harmonium. Junai is no stranger to stage as he held’s the experience of performing at mela’s across the UK as a musician with different acts & artists. Growing up in the UK, Junai was surrounded by various genres of music. His mother’s side of family was pumping the sounds of the likes of Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Westlife and many more. In a major contrast to this he’s father’s side of family was highly into classical hardcore Bhangra and Kawali style music. This need not to be told as ‘Aaja Meri Naal’ is a clear indication to the type of music Junai is influenced by. In March 2010, Junai Kaden put in an application to the Rishi Rich Academy where director Jamal Hirani of Tiffin Beats Records spotted the young talent, who since introduced Junai to Mumzy Stranger. After hearing Junai’s breath taking vocals, Mumzy decided he wanted to take him on under his own wings to showcase Junai to the world via Mumzy’s very own original production. The young singer and star in the making is about to blossom in front of the eyes of the fans and media. Already grabbing Mumzy’s fan-base he awaits for what’s to come next with 3 singles and an album scheduled for release later this year. TV networks and critiques alike are all eager to welcome the new boy on the block Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.