Karol XVII & MB Valence

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Karol XVII & MB Valence /Loco Records/ recognized by DJ MAG - a music industry magazine as the best Polish DJs of 2008 have been present on the market for over 10 years. They are producers, DJs, composers, authors of texts and sound engineers. They established an independent label of Loco Records. Their work is appreciated throughout the world owing to their remixes, DJ sets as well as the technical quality of their productions. Their recordings have appeared in such labels as: RAISANI, REALBASIC, REEL HOUSE, SALTED, PEPPERMINT JAM / PROGCITY RECORDS, LOOK AT YOU, DTPM, OPEN BAR, ZYX, SEAMLESS, AENARIA, 23 EAST DEEP, LOOPFREAKS, EMI, SONY BMG, WARNER MUSIC, UNIVERSAL, MILK & SUGAR, PURPLE MUSIC, FULLSCALE MUSIC, LARGE, MORE MUSIC / EDEL, JUSTRAX, S’HORT / EXTREMLY HOUSE MUSIC, WITTY TUNES, OSPINA and 99 CARAT RECORDINGS. They have airtime on an English SSRADIO, American CHICAGO HOUSE RADIO, German RADIO 42, Greek RADIO1, and other international radio stations: DFR, FULL HOUSE, HOUSE RADIO, MOTION FM, but also on Polish radio stations including RADIO STYLO and RADIOSTACJA. They have cooperated with many eminent producers in the world, e.g. MIGUEL MIGS, MATEO & MATOS, STEVE EDWARDS, SHIK STYLKO, RALF GUM, KID MASSIVE, MOD, OSCAR P, DAVE STORM, ROSS COUCH or BRIAN TAPPERT. Their productions can be found in DJ sets, radio playlists, compilations, music reviews and magazines. They are supported by many famous figures in the music industry, such as: SHUR-I-KAN, KID MASSIVE, CJ MACKINTOSH, DJ MEME, BORN TO FUNK, MIGUEL MIGS, SEBASTIAN DAVIDSON, GRAHAM SAHARA, CRISTIAN PADURARU, RICHARD EARNSHAW, BAMO /SPIRITCHASER/, ROBERT OWENS, KEITH THOMPSON, YVES MURASCA, NILS NÜRNBERG, FLORIAN KRUSE, DAVIDSON OSPINA, JEFF CRAVEN, DJ MANNIX, OSCAR P, MATT MASTERS, SPIN SCIENCE, KEVIN YOST, ROSS COUCH, GORGE, KLAUS SPITZNER, SVEN JACOBSEN, NACHO MARCO, MATTEO ESSE, C&M PRODUCTIONS, BLACKSOUL, EELKE KLEIJN, DAVE STORM, LEMON POPSICLE, NEEVALD /DJ MAG/, MIKE HADDAD, LUCA RICCI, MRCENZO, BOGDAN TARAN, MARCO SMITH /TTR MAGAZINE/, SERGI RIBAS, DJ DEALER, DEAN FACER, DARIN EPSILON, JAMES TEEJ, ESTROE, AGENT GREG. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.