Kavinsky > Nightcall Pacific Coast Highway


Pacific Coast Highway


We've seen how strange things can get at night
Well, things are about to get a whole lot stranger

This mysterious driver tricks cops
Into thinking he's about to pull over
Then all hell breaks loose

His moves are still baffling to the police
As he swerves all over the road
Driving like a man possessed

In just a moment he's going to make a turn
Into the twilight zone. watch

But in the blink of an eye the driver
Comes into view again

He's really thrown the cops for a loop
He gets back on the straightaway
Showing off a seemingly supernatural speed

For a moment it appears as if the driver
And his car have disappeared into thin air

The officers watching this
Get only a quick glimpse of the man behind the wheel
It's the last look they'll get

This time, he tries to outrun the police
Rather than just vanish

A fence at the end means no way out... or does it?

Even watching it again
Cops are unable to make sense of it

All they see is the an intact fence
And nothing more than the vanishing taillights
Of what the garden city p. d. has come to call
The ghost car