Kill Paradise

"Hard times make great music,” says Kill Paradise frontman Nick Cocozzella. “We’ve given up everything we have to chase this dream of sharing our music with the world. We’ve missed family, friends, birthdays, holidays and had to make a lot of sacrifices to be in this group, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Music is what drives us to wake up every morning.” Hard work and sacrifice are two things artists need to have in order to survive in today’s cut throat music business. Fortunately for electro-pop duo Kill Paradise, which features Nick Cocozzella and Bryce Hoops, the years they’ve spent on the road is finally starting to pay off in a big way with the release of their new album “The Glitch” on February 14th, 2012. “This album is completely different than our last release in so many ways. Unlike our last release, this is the first album Nick and I completely wrote together. We wrote about our lives, real experiences, and then filtered them through our musical influences to create a cool record," said Bryce Hoops. "It’s a punk, pop, trance, rock, musical experience. If you like beautiful music that takes you to a different place, then this album is for you! I like to describe it as a perfect electronic storm." While the group may have titled their new studio album "The Glitch", Kill Paradise's brand of youthful electro-pop is no mishap. Mixing together stadium techno, and thundering synth with bubble-gum pop and emotional lyrics, "The Glitch" is Kill Paradise bearing their soul on record for their fans. "Take Your Ego, But Not Where We Go" launches the album into high gear with some powerful electro-pop, while"Party With My Best Friends" invokes the epic pop moments with a powerful hook that will continue to play in listeners heads long after the music has stopped. Simply put "The Glitch" is the soundtrack to feeling good and enjoying life. "'The Glitch' is about never giving up hope and finding a way to make everything work," says Kill Paradise's Bryce Hoops about the title of the album. “The album title is a metaphor for what the last year and a half has felt like for us. Bad things happen, things don't always go according to plan. You can sit there and let your whole world cave in, or you can find a way to keep your head above water. The only person who decides what's best for you, is you. Figure out ‘The Glitch’ and start reprogramming.” The group’s roots can be traced back to the same Denver music scene that catapulted 3OH!3 and Breathe Carolina from local heroes to two of the hottest bands in the nation. Nick Cocozzella began his obsession at an early age learning to play piano at the age of five and teaching himself to play guitar, drums, violin, and harmonica. His passion for music quickly became his driving force. Armed with a laptop and his own musical devices, Cocozzella began writing a series of pop songs which he posted online to share with friends and family under the moniker Kill Paradise. The songs quickly spread virally with Kill Paradise’s social networks registering an insane amount of plays on sites like MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. From there Kill Paradise began touring the country to fans that knew every word to the group’s songs. The buzz that Kill Paradise had created quickly caught the ear of California based BreakSilence Recordings, who signed the group for the release of their national debut “The Second Effect”. Cocozzella and Hoops seized the opportunity by hitting the road on a relentless tour schedule that had them on back-to-back stints with Breathe Carolina, The Ready Set, STEREOS, Jeffree Star, The Millionaires, Brokencyde, Honor Bright and Fight Fair. MTV caught wind of the group’s infectious sound and used Kill Paradise’s music on “True Life: I'm Coming Home From Iraq”, “Paris Hilton's My New Bff”, and The Jersey Shore, where the group was heard by millions of viewers. "The two main things we want to get across with this album are the importance of friendship, and never giving up on anything you believe in," closes Hoops. "The road that leads to your dreams is a crazy one. Sometimes you'll feel alone, like you messed up and took a wrong turn on that road somewhere. You're friends and family is your north star. As hard as things seem at the moment, they will pick you up, dust you off, and make sure you aren't facing the wrong direction. Never stop following your dreams, never stop learning from your people and love them." Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.