Kinderen Voor Kinderen

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Kinderen Voor Kinderen (Children For Children) is a Dutch children's choir formed in 1980 by Dutch public broadcaster VARA. The choir was originally formed to promote a VARA project which involved collecting toys and then sending them to children in third world countries. The choir released an album with songs, sung by children in ages 8 to 12. The choir was succesful and VARA decided to release a new album anually in November. The toyproject was canceled in 1991, but the choir still releases an album every year. The choir currently consists of 33 kids: Anthony, Bas, Bowie, Bregtje, Duru, Esmée, Evy, Felicia, Flore, India, Isabel, Jaïr, Jairo, Jesslyn, Lavita, Lotus, Lucía, Luna, Melody, Mhijs, Mirte, Niels, Rinse, Sam, Senna, Shifrah, Sofie, Sophie, Stefania, Sterre, Tevin, Thimo and Yunus. Every album starts with the 'Kinderen Voor Kinderen' theme tune, which (apart for a verse about sad children in third world countries) remains unchanged from the original 1980 version. The themes of the songs are mainly introduced by children from all ages by sending letters to the choir. (Famous) Dutch songwriters then make songs about these themes. Dutch singer EliZe appeared on Kinderen Voor Kinderen in the 1996 edition and sang 'Het Tietenlied' (The Boobsong). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.