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Kint Info Kint is a noise rock trio from Berlin, Germany. They love to make up new genres for their heavy, grinding, experimental rock sound like Teenage Bollo Inferno or No-ternative. Kint is from Berlin, Germany and started to play shows in 2001. Kint has played with many bands like HIGH ON FIRE (Relapse Rec.), MASTODON (Relapse), THE FLYING LUTTENBACHERS (ugExplode/skingraft), MADE OUT OF BABIES (Neurot), BLACK EYES (Dischord) and UGLY IGLU. Kint toured Germany with their friends VOLTRON in 2007 and with their friends MALM in 2008. The 2008 tour included a show in the Czech Republic - their first gig outside Germany. Kint plans more shows and a tour in spring 2010 They say, it was great meeting Toni Iommi. DISCOGRAPHY At The Buffalo Hunt (self-released CD 2001), Hank The Knee Jerk (self-released CD 2002), Stulle Bei (self-released CD 2003), Best Human Mountains (self-released CD 2006) Der Mama und wie er in die Welt kam (self-released CDS 2006), Teenage Plautze Demo Demo (self-released CD 2007) split-7'' with malm (7-inch released 2008 on Raddatz Records, a division of Burkhard Entertainment) Im Elvisschacht (CD-EP on Raddatz Records 2009) Kint are signed to Raddatz Records and will release some new songs they record at tonkollektiv in Berlin in October 2009. The 3-piece contains of Chief Chung (dr), Baku Ohm (b) and Der Mama (voc, git) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.