Kristeen Young

KRISTEENYOUNG is a piano/keyboard and drums "rock" duo, in the golden years sense of the word, when rock was simultaneously adventurous, original, scary and fun. The pair is made up of singer, writer, pianist/keyboardist, Kristeen Young and drummer "Baby" Jeff White. Kristeen's distinctive voice has been heralded, by many, as the best new voice in rock. She bashes, slams and bangs her piano/keyboard in a rock-riff manner, while running it through effects pedals to make it sound like a cross between a piano and guitar. Baby Jeff pummels the drums like a modern-day John Bonham. Bonham's own daughter Zoe, herself a musician, gave Jeff the title after seeing him play at The Barfly in London in 2005. KRISTEENYOUNG have just completed recording their new album, THE ORPHANS. The title relates to Kristeen's experiences as an adopted bi-racial child and an "indie" artist adult. The lyrics, composed with a beatnik's sense of the sound and rhythm of a word, possess both razor sharp honesty and surreal imagery. Performed and recorded live, the album is bombastic, visceral and dissonant, with melodic moments of heart-aching clarity. THE ORPHANS is the third of KRISTEENYOUNGs albums to be produced (on spec.) by legendary record producer, TONY VISCONTI. The first album, BREASTICLES, received widespread praise from the press, including 3 1/2 out of 4 stars in ROLLING STONE and featured a duet between David Bowie. and Kristeen. The second album, X ("ten"), was rated one of the TOP 50 ALBUMS OF 2005 in Germany, by ECLIPSED MAGAZINE, and featured a duet between Brian Molko (Placebo.) and Kristeen. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, where they have a large following, KRISTEENYOUNG is now based in New York City. Having developed a reputation for riveting live shows, their global appeal has lead them to a 3 month tour throughout Portugal in 2004 and 2 months of gigging in London in 2005. Kristeen previously opened solo for Frank Black while in London. She has also opened several times for Morrissey on his Ringleader tour of 2006. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.