LMC is an English dance artist consisting of producers Lee Monteverde, Matt Cattman and Chris Nuttall. They have performed remixes for Scooter, Erasure, Dannii Minogue,Lasgo, Flip & Fill, Robert Palmer and Shania Twain. LMC is best known for the track "Take Me to the Clouds Above" which features a sample from "With or Without You" by U2 which topped the UK singles charts in early 2004, as well as going top 5 in Ireland and top 10 in Australia. Chart success A promo-only track "Everything U Need" reached the top ten of the UK club charts in the UK in 2003. The song "Take Me to the Clouds Above" featured lyrics from "How Will I Know" from Whitney Houston's self-titled album set to a sample from "With or Without You" from U2's The Joshua Tree album. The track is sung by Rachel McFarlane who had previously been a vocalist for UK outfits Loveland and N-Trance. In the late 1990's, McFarlane had a solo record deal and her song "Lover" was a UK hit in 1998. This song was bootlegged as "Found an Angel" by placing "Lover" over Paul van Dyk's "For an Angel", which became a club hit. All of the members of U2 had to clear the track. Bassist Adam Clayton said "It's a good beat and you can dance to it. I especially like the bassline." The track was released in the UK on January 26, 2004 as "Take Me To The Clouds Above" by LMC vs U2. The track became the most played track on UK radio and debuted at number one in February 2004, selling 200,000 copies. Due to the success it was released in other territories going top five in Ireland and top ten in Australia. It was released in the US on April 6, 2004. In 2005, they have also sampled and remixed the New Radicals song "You Get What You Give", into a new title of "Don't Let Go" (credited to LMC vs New Radicals), whilst their 2006 "Little Bird" is credited on promo to LMC vs Trick Babies. Discography "Everything U Need" (promo - 2003) "Take Me to the Clouds Above" (single as LMC vs U2 - 2004) #1 UK "Don't Let Go" (single as LMC vs New Radicals - 2005) "You Get What You Give" - (2006) #30 UK "Little Bird" (AATW promo, as LMC vs Trick Babies - 2006) Remixes "Breathe" - Erasure (2005) "Party for Two" - Shania Twain (2004) "Oh L'amour" - Erasure (2003) External link All Around The World biography Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.