There are at least 3 bands who recorded under the name LMS. 1. Last Men Standing (LMS) and Spun Records proudly present a landmark achievement in fusion psychedelic electo techno trance. LMS are Nyimo Nijman and Levin Karcher a dynamic duo who have skyrocketed to fame, fortune! Nyimo Nijman who is known for his activity as Last Men Standing, also known as Magnasonic, was born 1987 in Amsterdam, Holland. He grew up with piano lessons and school music classes. His mother knew Riktam's mother and his older brother knew Shanti and Riktam. Thus, Nyimo fell into the laps of the growling mad juveniles. Then he started visiting Ibiza every summer. Back and forth until he was seven. After which he continued going to school in Ibiza with his partner in crime Levin. It was there that he began Dj'ing with only 12 at the one of the most famous club, the Blue Rose. Since then he has been playing in clubs and parties around the Island. His great inspirations are the original crusaders GMS, Shanti, Buschman, Poli, Wrecked Machines. 2. LMS are the siblings of the Morgan Heritage Family. 3. LMS were also an Alternative/Hardcore band from Larne, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland in the early '90s They released an EP called Desperately Seeking Satan on Wallcreeper records in 1994. Band members were Michael, Johnny, Charlie and Steve Balmer (Who subsequently became employable and was replaced by Carmel McGinn. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.