Last Day Lost

"Last Day Lost's upcoming EP, seems a direct contradiction to the band’s easygoing manner. There is a passion and an edge to their new music. “When we became Last Day Lost we really started to evolve musically,” Bryant explains. “I feel like we’ve hit the ground running now and are defining and developing a sound that is Last Day Lost. I’m excited about the music we’re creating.” Steve has forged his own spot in the band and is part of a sound and personality that is uniquely theirs. “As drummer of Last Day Lost I have the unequivocal joy in watching sibling rivalry at its height. On a serious note though, I love being a part of LDL. Playing in the band has challenged me to become a better drummer and musician. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.” It becomes apparent after spending more than ten minutes with LDL that there is huge diversity within the group, yet a surprising like-mindedness as well. In Last Day Lost lay a hotbed of ideas and opinions, sometimes quietly spoken and at other times explosively expressed.“ It was like chaos on wheels,” jokes Christina about their trip to LA and Vegas. “There were eight of us crammed into the van and we fought the entire way! We called a truce at rest stops where we cooked, played football, and slept in bunk beds in the vehicle!” There are a few things that Last Day Lost will all agree on though; it’s their love of touring and performing. Sarah sums it up for all of them: “I love performing. We all feel an excitement and charge on stage. It’s like an energy exchange with the audience…we feed off of each other."" -Biography from Last Day Lost's official website, Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.