Lindsay Jane

Lindsay Jane Lovers Find Reasons(Independent) "It’s not surprising that one of Winnipeg’s Lindsay Jane’s first triumphs was winning a CKUA songwriting contest back in 1999. It’s the first thing that comes through on her sophomore disc, how her songs seem so original, fresh, polished and inevitable. The second thing is how clean and intimate the recording, produced by Jaxon Haldane, is. After you’ve been charmed by Lindsay Jane’s voice, writing and playing, you get nailed by Tania Elizabeth’s fiddle playing, swinging and soulful at the same time. Like most superior work, the disc seems both sophisticated and charmingly artless. The only thing better than Lindsay Jane by herself is her with Nathan’s Kerri Latimer on Art Norris’s I Ain’t No Dancer. A lovely disc." – By Barry Hammond (Penguin Eggs) -------------------------------------------------- VUE WEEKLY (EDMONTON) Lindasy Jane Lovers Find Reasons (Independent) "With a voice as miraculously expansive and expressive as the one possessed by Winnipeg-based songwriter Lindsay Jane, the temptation is to constantly showboat its flexibility and strength. To her credit, Jane disciplines her instrument, nestling it cozily into the rootsy Django-ish rags and prairie-folk on her sophomore solo effort. The music is impeccably crafted and recorded, if a little toothlessly populist, with Jane’s multi-instrumental sweep textured by guests drawn from her hometown’s vintage Canadiana crowd, including the Duhks’ fiddler Tanya Elizabeth, Nathan’s Keri Latimer (whose exquisite vocals contrast with Jane’s earthier timbre on the duet “I Am No Dancer”) and the D Rangers’ Jaxon Haldane (as co-producer). A solid album from a capable artist who could easily venture into the mainstream or take a more alternate route—the choice is Jane’s, as she could easily conquer either." -MARY CHRISTA O’KEEFE / [email protected] ---------------------------------------------------- "Lindsay Jane is that rare artist that comes along from god knows where and blows away everybody she encounters. She is a writer of great depth with the ability to get right at the heart of things with an insightful mind that examines truth and presents it in a simple and most poignant manner. Lindsay Jane’s songs move people, there is no way anybody can be indifferent. This isn’t background music; her songs hit the target dead on the money." -Mitch Poldolak Founder of the Winnipeg & Vancouver Folk Festivals as well as the Stan Rogers Festival ------------------------------------------------------ "...a clear, sleepy, lights low voice sitting on top of the soft shoe shuffle of a jazz guitar that means, grab your girl, get some really good wine, and turn out the lights. Canada, once again, sends me a pleasant experience." STAVE MAGAZINE At the tender age of 10, Lindsay stumbled upon her first beer stained radio, smuggled it into her Christian home, (where listening to popular music was forbidden) and with the smell of beer under her pillow, Berlins’ "Take my Breath Away" literally did that to Lindsay and her life has never the same since. Lindsay Jane’s musical career began in 1999 with a first place win in a CKUA Radio songwriting competition. Lindsay went on to regularly play at the Calgary Center for the Performing Arts and participated in songwrting circles with Chip Taylor, Steve Forbert and Gordie Johnson to name a few. Lindsay Jane’s debut album "Starting Today" was released in 2002. her sophmore album "Lovers Find Reasons" was released in November 2007 Lindsay has played at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival, Trout Forest Folk Festival, Ottawa Folk Festival, Winnipeg Folk Festival, South Country Fair, Minnesota Folk Festival, Ottawa Voices of Women, Live From the Rock Festival, The Alberta Scene, CBGB Gallery NYC and many tours through Canada and the United States. She has also played an official showcase at Folk Alliance and SXSW Conference in Austin TX. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.