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Lucas Lucco, stage name Lucas Correa de Oliveira (Patrocínio, April 4, 1991) is an Brazilian country music singer. Lucas began to sing and learn to play guitar at age 10 and made his first composition at age 11 called " 50 % " . Their first performance was also aged 11 at a festival in school.2 He started working at age 13 as an office boy , succeeding career as a salesman in a mall in Belo Horizonte as well as a professional model over 5 years, 3 where he became known by the name Lucas Correa and made various photographic essays . He was part of a trio backcountry " Skypiras " . According to the singer , he finds inspiration for his own compositions through the routine of the people , he says he has nothing better than that to which he tells in music what everyone feels , so they end up identifying . Its various influences of country music artists , having as Zeze Di Camargo most notable and Luciano , Luan Santana , Jorge e Mateus . Due to the similarity in some songs and visual , Lucco tends to win many comparisons to Gusttavo Lima . The early musical career Lucas had as main landmark recording of the song " Bipolar Love " which was released in YouTube videos without high pretensions site until the entrepreneur Rodrigo Byça saw the video and contacted ele.9 Few days definitely drop her modeling career and get into the music scene , he was patronized by the duo & Rodolffo Israel , and started doing shows together , 10 and also recorded the song " forecast " . The first big hit was the singer's song To make you remember , in a romantic tone , and reached almost 10 million hits on YouTube . A few months later , he released two new hits , the singles " Plan B " and " Pac Man" , who were executed in the same festival " Caldas Country 2012" , held in Caldas Novas, Goiás With high popularity and dissemination of songs , he decided to pursue a more current style called arrocha : " I used to be more romantic then when I saw that Plan B, an arrocha , it worked , I wanted to compose more in this style I did what I also like to hear . . . " 9 in mid-2012 , Lucas released his first album , entitled Neither shalt thou Tale , which features sixteen tracks , including the aforementioned and other featured songs like " Across " and " Neither shalt thou Tale ( Sogrão ) " . In March 2013, Lucas Lucco released their first official music video , titled " Princess " , which surpassed the number of 4 million views in less than 3 months. Size sudden success of the singer made ​​the duo of singers and businessmen Fernando & Sorocaba invite him to join the FS Artistic Productions . Besides being part of the office of the double consecrated , Lucas Lucco released a song with them entitled "It was like that ," a remake of the original song Thaeme & Thiago , who were also sponsored by FS Productions . After the release of this work , Lucas began to be compared to singer Ricky Martin , who considers idol ; " . Popstar of the new Brazilian music " and was named by several media as His first success after the release of Not hard you Conto was the song "It's Bullshit " , which tells the advantage of not namorar.21 In March 2013, Lucas Lucco released the song " Nobody could have foreseen ," after the death of vocalist Charlie Brown Jr. , whiner . Although the two musical styles are different , the music was well received by the public , however received some criticism , the singer decided to answer itself : . " People did not believe that I was a fan , being backcountry , but people liked was a way to express my affection . " Lucas Lucco currently does about 25 shows per month , mostly in the states of Goiás and Minas Despite the high popularidade.Ele currently lives in Goiânia , to get closer to the music business , a fact that makes him unhappy with the distance singer família.As holdings in media such as television and radio are greatly reduced by restricting the regionais.Lucas interests currently is engaged in carrying out his first DVD, which has plans to be recorded in July 2013 and will feature reworkings and new songs . Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.