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In a time when rap music has become predictable and stagnant, a young Midwest artist known as “Lyrycyst” stands as a breath of fresh air. What began as a simple bet among classmates to see who could write the best rap song, would eventually blossom into a full-time career for the talented Steven Cooper. "The road hasn't been an easy one", explains the artist. After multiple false starts and failed label deals, Lyrycyst eventually decided to do things his own way. "Breaking free from all of my contractual agreements allowed me chose my own destiny and build my following through a real connection with my fans. There's no corporate giants, there's no glitz and glamour, it's all built on making good music that spreads some love among people." Lyrycyst's fanbase has proved to be a force to reckon with. After breaking most of the formula's in the industry, the rapper has seen nothing but growth in his sales (which are often person to person or through his websites), his merchandise, and his touring which boasts over 400 live shows to date all independently booked and promoted. Lyrycyst's first indie release “Revolution” has been a staple in the definitive sound of the eclectic artist and broadened the spectrum of what popular rap music “should sound like”. The first single “Forever Gone” is a perfect example of the creative nature of the album. Taking advantage of the emotional music landscape, Lyrycyst confronts the pain of losing a loved one and reminds listeners of the hope we often don’t see in any tragedy. The single spent more than 12 weeks in the Top 10 Rhythmic Charts. (CMW) Songs such as “Take On The World” and "Everything I Am" mix edgy guitars over a pop-oriented groove providing a unique foundation for Lyrycyst to shine with his aggressive verbal delivery. Other tracks such as “Blink” and “You Can Be” get to the root of Lyrycyst’s storytelling abilities and remind you why this young emcee was originally nicknamed “The Lyricist” when he first started penning rhymes in high school. The unique sound coupled with impressive rhyming skills and depth of lyricism are the key to the rappers buzz and success. His mainstream appeal has begun to catch listener’s ears and helped the artist garner fans in an array of genres, all while staying true to the original hip-hop platform he is known to thrive on. If you’ve been anxious for a unique turn in the hip-hop music of today, Lyrycyst might just be the artist for you. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.