There are three bands that use the name Malpractice: 1.) Formed 1994 in Kouvola Finland. After a few line-up changes Malpractice steadied to Joonas Koto and Tuomo Pärttö on guitars, Miikka Tikka on drums, Petri Vuorio on bass and Mika Uronen on vocals. Malpractice started out as a thrash-metal band but soon after the release of their first self-financed CD-EP "Memorial" (May 1996), thrash influences were cast aside by more melodic and progressive elements. In December of the same year Malpractice released their second CD-EP "Frozen" which soon gained interest in Germany, France and Italy. Both EP's are now out of print. The spring of 1997 ended an era in Malpractice. Bass player Petri Vuorio left the band. His replacement Jonas Mäki joined the band and gave Malpractice a needed kick in the ass. New great material was composed in a very short period of time. Still without a recording deal Malpractice started to record a full-length album in March 1998 at Music Bros studio in Imatra Finland with engineer Miitri Aaltonen. The sessions were finally over in August and the first full-length album "Of Shape And Balance" was out in September. One of the record companies who showed interest in Malpractice's masterpiece was Finnish Mastervox Records. After a few months of negotiations Malpractice signed a deal with Mastervox. In the fall of 1998 Tuomo Pärttö left Malpractice. He was replaced by former Cornucopia guitarist Sami Pesonen. Next one to leave was drummer Miikka Tikka. Their ways parted in May 1999. He was replaced by Toni Paananen. Now with the best possible line-up, Malpractice began to write new material for the forthcoming releases. In 2001 they recorded a three song demo-CD called "Between Divided Platforms" and 2002 another demo-CD titled "Triangular". In 2004 Malpractice activated again to record yet another demo-CD titled "Circles And Lines". This brilliant demo caught the attention of the leading Finnish record company Spinefarm. Malpractice signed a deal with Spinefarm in December 2004. The recordings of Malpractice's second full length album "Deviation From The Flow" took place in April at Astia Studio with producer Anssi Kippo. The latest addition to Malpractice is guitarist Markus Vanhala (Manitou, Omnium Gatherum) who took over Sami Pesonen's duties since Sami's work assignments took him abroad and so it became impossible to continue with him. 2.) Malpractice was a short lived hard rock band in the late '70s. They released one single, "Love Tunnel". Malpractice is most known for the later careers of drummer GG Allin and bassist Merle Allin. 3.) Malpractice is also the name of a Progressive Metal band from Bedford, Virginia. 4.) Malpractice is a punk band from the United States. They have released the album "Stab Wounds" Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.