Mandragora Scream

Mandragora Scream's Project was born in 1997 from an idea by Morgan Lacroix, who realized in 1999 a demo CD "Promo Track 99" in the New Sin Studios in Italy. During the summer of 2000, Mandragora Scream (Morgan Lacroix) finally became a group. Morgan Lacroix and Terry Horn started together their journey and between the years 2000 and 2001 they realized their first album "Fairy Tales From Hell's Caves" (released by Nuclear Blast). Fairy Tales is a trip into the Inferno, tormented by passion, anguish and madness, where, taking the place of Virgilio in the exhausted way through the boredom and marthyrdom in Dante's circles, there is an unusual vampire fairy. In 2002 Mandragora Scream composed the second album "A Whisper of Dew" (released 10th February 2003 by Nuclear Blast). This concept album is based on a vampire story written by Julio Angel Olivares Merino. The CD is released together with the book. The heart of the Group is centered on Morgan Lacroix - singer, musician and author of the Lyrics, and on Terry Horn - guitarist, composer, arranger and performer of all the music. Other unbelivably fascinating musicians in their style get together with them. Mat Stancioiu on drums&percussions, Jack Lowell Halleyn on keyboards. Centered into the passion for the particular music, Mandragora Scream finally built up its stronghold. The Group devotes itself to the research of magic motives and ancient tales that accompany them in their journey towards the most bewitched lands, keeping as fixed purpose the passion and the aim of taking the listener inside always more ancient and chivalrous atmospheres. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.