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PUNK-ROCK band started in 1986 in Alacant, Valencia ( Spain ). His first work was a single that appeared in 1987. Then in 1988 "Vitaminas A", the first model came . Both were included in the first CD of edited later by Illa Records in 2001. In "Vitaminas A" we can find songs with clearly revindictive lyrics (anarchism, working class, anti-NATO, etc. . ). To fun songs ( Pepino , The Freak and Hard ballad beer ) . Also not limited to rock, but appear ska song as South Africa , which also involved a saxophone (Roberto) . The band members then were : Vicente Ortega " Viri " (voice ) Javier Ruiz " Chispes " (guitar and vocals) Amador Fernández " Ama " (guitar ) Luis Miguel Ruiz " Txispín " ( bass and vocals) Paco Fernandez " Chato" ( battery). His second was a LP: MANIAcríTICA , which appeared in 1990 published by Turtle Island . This work had very little success. Here Viri group disappears , becoming the voice Javi Chispes . For highlights of this disc you ( a song of more than 8 minutes, with a style very close to heavy ), social Blues ( with harmonica Brasi , friend of the group who later died and who devoted a title track ) and the case of the beggar without blanket ( with style popular song in rock version ) . The third CD is past work to The Dark Side. Originally appeared in 1992 , recorded during Expo 92 , hence the introduction of Power and songs Christopher settler and The Ballad of the EXPO . Arabic Beach , and also the hoot is The Ballad of the EXPO , with the band members and some friends bleating like sheep : an instrumental song appears. Remarks What remains , As appropriate and Power. One year before recording leaves the Ama group. Moreover, the battery on some songs Chato 's still playing , and for other Pakote enters the group. From this training was: Javi Chispes - Txispín voice and guitar - vocals and bass Pakote - vocals and drums on the CD offered for sale pictures of the group and some videos are included . Maniac had one last job in K7, called But that is not the last step , taken in 1995 by the same label of the first and last work, The lokal . Later would dissolve as a group, although several of its members continued to work together in a parallel group called Band hashish . The lead singer of the group also took a Chispes Javi work called K7 Riding Hood and the war in 1995 . Eight years later, in 2003 , reappeared with the first training in a latest work called Rewrite Maniática with 20 songs from previous recordings plus 4 unreleased tracks , giving a small tour where they were at the Viña Rock festival. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.