Marcel Buntaj

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Marcel was born in 1974 in Bratislava. He was raised in the family with the music background. His father was an amateur musician and his brother is a professional player of the bass guitare (V. Patejdl, M. Brezovská, F. Turák, A. Bartošová). He started to play the percussion when he was 15. He graduated from Conservatory Bratislava, where he studied percussion. During his study he made a record CD Missa Danubia from Peter Martinček, where he played the tympany. Eva Jenis and Peter Dvorský were soloists there. Marcel performed in the musical called Die for beauty. The author of the music was Matúš Jakabčič and Marcel appeared with him in the jazz quartet „Jazz Special“ and in the band „Stop Time“ with other members such as J. Kalasz and M. Palonder. At the age of sixteen he changed several jazz formations. He participated in jazz festival Žilina with the bands BJQ, Bossa Noha and Brozbend with the last one he got a winning award and later he made a record CD Brozbend – live. Since 1990 he has created with M. Gašpar well coordinated rhythmics and record about 50 CDs of renowned interpreters J. Kirschner, P. Lipa, L. Filipová P. Hammel, orchestra G. Broma, A .Bartošová, L. Kerndl, T. Kerndlova, B. Dubasová, P.S.,V.Patejdl, O. Záblacká, R. Pastrňák, TUTU, M. Podhradská, K. Hasprová, R. Grigorov, R. Opatovský, M. Železňák, Home Made Mutant, Wedding Band, P. Cardarelli, Gapa, D. Gladis etc.). They have cooperated in the formation BKK trio. Marcel has played with Peter Lipa since 1994. He made many concert tours with other formations in Portugal, USA, Turkey, France, Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania and the Czech Republic. He recorded musicals – Jozef and his magic coloured coat and Cyrano from the suburb. In 1995 he became the member of the band Ash Band – A. Šeban, this band was during this year reduced into the trio Šeban – Rózsa – Buntaj ( they made 2 CDs: The million of gods and Kamakura). This trio became a studio and cult formation, in 2000 it started cooperation with many artists, it played and recorded several record albums with R. Muller, J. Filip, Free Faces and it has also played with J. Stivín and M. Varga. Since 2000 Marcel Buntaj has performed in the band IMT Smile, in 2003 he accepted invitation and participated with the pop group Elán in the biggest concert in the history of the Czech and Slovak Republic organized in Prague (Letenská Pláň). DVD and CD was made from this concert. In 1995 he got Award of Ladislav Martonik as a „jazzman of the year“ and in 1998 he got award from music academy „Grant Prix ZAI 1997“ as an instrumentalist of the year.“ He also plays the piano, he is a producer and arranger of (Home Made Mutant, Igitot, D.Gladis, Bukake jazz) and an author as well as co-author of (Bezmocná Hŕstka, R.Muller, P.Lipa, Double Affair, Bukake jazz). Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.