Marcel Woods

Even though his star is rising exponentially, Dutch ‘bon vivant’ Marcel Woods really knows what it’s like to stay down to earth. With a respectable list of banging floor fillers to his credit Woods refuses repetition and is on a constant quest for new innovations. It is because of this attitude that he is in the same league as the greatest trance oriented DJs in the Netherlands. However, hating the confinement of being tagged, Woods therefore always thinks outside the box, leaving the techno and trance label far behind him. Only when something is ‘Raw & Energetic’ – and only then - it deserves the Marcel Woods mark. Musical Madness has become the creed under which Marcel flies the world, with – so far - 2005 and 2006 as absolute first class years. For there aren’t that many DJs around that can say that they have had the honour to have headlined both Mysteryland and DanceValley festivals in one season. And it is not just DJing, it’s also producing massive tracks, because one mustn’t forget that Marcel is the producer of the ‘most downloaded track of all times’ on the DJ Download Portal. This wasn’t Woods’ first contact with chart success. Ever since 2004 all of the singles he’s released made it to #1 in many national and even international charts with 2006 Trance Energy Anthem ‘Advanced’ as absolute bestseller. Early 2006 Marcel kicks in hard yet again when Pete Tong proclaimed ‘Monotone’ BBC 1’s Essential Tune. It is because of this success that DJ Marcel Woods is in such massive demand. Europe, Asia, North or South America, or Australia, it’s all the same, the world wants to hear Marcel’s raw and energetic sounds. From small dodgy clubs to a massive Godskitchen Beach Event in Sao Paolo were thousands of Brazilian fans yearn for more, this sympathetic Dutchman will always be invited to return and give the crowd more of what they want. Fall of 2006 will be memorable for all of Woods’ fans because this will be the time when his long expected CD will be released. This compilation CD will reflect Woods’ vision on Dance music as a whole including many of his own productions (which even his new singles ‘Accelerate’, ‘Don’t Tar Me With The Same Brush’, ‘Yelling @ The Neighbours’, and some special remixes of ‘Advanced’ and ‘Cherry Blossom’). This CD will hit the stores world wide and Marcel will be on the road to promote this CD himself. During the tour Marcel will visit countries such as Switzerland, Ireland, Canada, Australia, England, Poland, Lebanon, Spain (Ibiza), Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Denmark, Costa Rica, India…… World Wide Musical Madness! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.