Marco Fernández

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Marco Fernandez’s birth date is unknown, but it is generally believed that he was conceived in a plane covering the Madrid – Vienna route. He doesn’t do drugs, but admits to enjoy eating chocolate while drinking beer. He claims that his songs aren’t sad, but he is incapable of writing cheerful tunes. Once he was arrested in London, for stealing bagels, but was released the same night, since the amount of the theft was deemed ‘ridiculous’ by the British Police. His love of music dates from an early age, when, confined for several months in a clinic while receiving treatment for his severe asthma, he would be entertained by the sounds coming from the little radio receiver of a neighboring patient (mostly Mexican Rancheras and religious hymns in Italian). He has worked as a mail boy and translating romance paperbacks. While receiving treatment for a nervous disorder, a doctor recommended that he engaged in some creative activity, such as music, so he started writing songs and performing live. His early performing venues include a windmill on the outskirts of Ourense and the Chelsea Clearview Cinema in New York City, during a Rocky Horror Picture Show screening (he was a virgin). He cherishes garage rock, blues, tango, cabaret, country, folk, and just plain noise. Once he shook hands with Marc Ribot and Richard Hell. Once he tried to take The Tiger Lillies out for sherry, but they had stuff to do in the morning. His ever-changing backing band has included a suits salesman, an architect, a filmmaker, a scientist, a yoga guru, a physiotherapist, a master chef, a news reporter and a con artist. His music is dark, but not sinister, angry, but joyful, sometimes loud and intense, and sometimes mellow and contemplative. Scarecrows on Parade is his first album, and it was recorded in Madrid at the hands of producer and mentor Javier Almendral, a member of seminal bands such as Demonios tus Ojos and Vírgenes Adolescentes, and it is soon to be available at some fine music purveyor near you. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.