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There are mutiple artists with this name: 1. Marger is a female Latin Pop artist based in Miami, FL. 2. Marger is at the forefront of a new wave of young MCs bringing back the authentic underground sound of grime.” - logans words Marger, born Daniel Thomas, originated from the streets of east London with aspirations to be an artist at the tender age of 17. Joining Alien Muzik (a movement of different genres of sound) alongside producer Rude Kid, emcee kwam, Rival and more along with influences ranging from Young Jeezy, Dizzee Rascal and Michael Jackson helped Marger to build and create a sound unlike any other average emcee. First releasing “Not Again” produced by grime-favourite Rude Kid put Marger in the spotlight instantly, around the same time as many other people in London who emerged onto the scene. Realising he’d have to up the levels Marger took a two year break, in which time he continued to write lyrics and work on his distinctive flow coming back in 2008 to grow his fan base and release a free mixtape “scumbags” which without much promotion still saw over (1200) units. Noticed by popular DJ’s Logan Sama and Tim Westwood and emceeing on Rinse FM allowed Marger to show his fans what he was lyrically capable of, following that he upped his work rate and started working on his digital release “Flow Food”, which he released in 2009, gaining a whooping 4000 downloads and spins on admired radio stations Kiss 100 and Rinse FM. Realising that mixtape names such as “Scumbags” and “Flow Food” wasn’t doing him much justice in terms of a wider audience gave Marger the wake-up-call he needed this 2010 as he’s switched up his lyrical content and become one of the most talked about grime emcees this year, performing at events such as ILUVLIVE, Just Jam,Rude Kids – Hypnoytize EP Launch and the Pitch Controllers rave to name a few. DJs Logan Sama and Tim Westwood continued to show their massive support asUrban FM, Bang Radio and De Ja Vu jumped on board to see what all the fuss was about! Recently being selected to appear on Logan Sama’s “Chosen Ones” set alongside the exciting new wave emcee’s Merky Ace, Rival and Kozzie raised the roof amongst listeners as Sama dubbed them “the best mc’s of 2010”. With massive support from MTV presenter Donatella, Marger was invited down to film “Your Time” a show in which emcee’s get the chance to showcase their bars and the public to vote. Marger won with the highest number of votes being just over 3000, magazines such as Vice Magazine, Super Super and RWD Magazine are currently snapping the talent up too to show their support and showcase him to the rest of the world! With no time to sit back and congratulate himself Marger began working on yet another amusingly named EP “Kushwave” with his popular signature lyric “Itz... Mar-gerrrr”, circulating around the grime scene. It’s sure to be a massive hit this December 12th 2010 along with a mixtape hosted by BBC Asian Network DJ “DJ Limelight”alongside his cousin Rival entitled Family Business in 2011. The new music he’s about to release is set to shock fans of his previously abrasive lyrics and move him out of the “grime emcee” category, zooming head first into the ‘artist” category. It’s definitely a case of expect the unexpected! Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.