Masanori Yasuda

Masanori Yasuda is a rising artist with real talents, debuted from Otographic Music in 2012. He draws elegant soundscapes with his fine mixing techniques and fragile sensiblities. Masanori was born in 1991, and started producing tracks at the tender age of 13 by using free sequencer. At the beginning he has influenced by a variety of styles such as Hi-NRG, 80′s Disco. Then in 2007 he met Anjunabeats and strongly inspired by Anjuna tracks, and it was the entrance for his producing of progressive house. Especially Anjunadeep tracks, represented by mesmeric grooves and emotional melodies, have been making huge impacts on Masanori’s style until now. In 2011, Masanori entered the remix competition of Hiroyuki ODA’s 1st album “Thirty” on Otographic Music and was elected one of the competition winners. Then he made his first appearance to the EDM scene with releasing “Hiroyuki ODA – Submarine (Masanori Yasuda Remix).” After that Masanori began to get strong interests among Japanese progressive scene and released some tracks “Blackcurrant” and “City of Lights” from another Japanese label somode. With the feedbacks from those experiences, he made the following track “Kalos Eidos” and it was highly praised by Kenji Sekiguchi, Nhato, Shingo Nakamura, therefore finally he entered to the Otographic artists family in 2012. Masanori’s visional sound-layers and emotional melodies make atmospheres of both tranquility and dynamism, and he reconciles those two conflicting elements with his broad expressive power. Masanori’s depthful worldview will continue to bring you a variery of trusting tunes in the future. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.