Mobroder is more than an artist. Mobroder is an icon that stands for something in a world run by nothing. Welcome to Miami, USA, 1983, where we find our hero Mobroder, the once undisputed King of Disco, searching for his soul. In the 1970's you couldn't mention 'Disco' without evoking an image of Mobroder—one slick talking, no-jive-taking lady killer who brought his music to the top of the American Pop charts and spread its sweet sound around the world. After too many years on top, living life in the fast lane, Mobroder lost focus. The European-Disco sound was emerging. Powered by the greed and cocaine of the 80's, it rewarded copy-cats over originality, and cheap production over content. Once the star of the scene,Mobroder suddenly found himself an outsider in the game he invented. Having lost the love of his life (Precious) and with no idea of how to get his career back on track we find Mobroder at the crossroads. Will he find love again? Will his sidekicks Sweet Meat and Sugar Balls be able to get him back in the studio to lay down some more of that Mobroder magic? Or will the dark forces of the new Euro-Disco scene, led by his arch nemesis Fibrezio, finally stamp out our hero for good? You'll have to listen to find out. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.