Mona de Bo is a Latvian band playing a blend of slowcore, drone and noise rock. The band was started as a guitar and drums duo by Edgars Rubenis and Edgars Eihmanis in 2005 in Rīga, Latvia. The band released its self-titled debut LP in 2008. It comprised ten songs in Latvian delivered in a garage/experimental manner. The band's second album Nekavējies, Šīs Ir Spēles ar Tevi was written and recorded during the summer 2009. It exhibits a strong departure from their early garage rock sound as the music has become much slower in tempos and thicker in tones. The band decided not to restrict themselves to their usual guitar/vocals/drums set-up and to try a different instrumentation instead: the densely orchestrated sound was achieved by the addition of an organ, another guitar, trombone, french horn, and double bass. Stylistically it pays homage to the drone doom of Earth and Sunn O))) and blends it with occasional free jazz drumming and noise assaults evoking Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine. In 2008, just before releasing their debut album, Mona de Bo traveled to the United States, appearing at the SXSW music conference and playing concerts in New York. The concert at the conference brought them to the attention of BBC's Tom Robinson who described their performance as "their music is never less than daring, and at its best, it takes the breath away." Also that year Mona de Bo created a soundtrack for a theater play on adolescent angst, crazy, and played the material live for about a year. In 2012, their third album Pag Pag is released, the band joined this time by a group of brass players. In early summer, Mona de Bo announced an indefinite hiatus. In 2014, the band is getting back together after two-year break. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.