MR GROOVE had his first production released back in 1995. Recording as BRING THE NOIZ,his "CONTROL" track was put out on the Portuguese label,KAOS RECORDS. Soon after that he started recording under his own name,MR GROOVE and his EP called "THE PIMPS" was released,with massive praise,including a 4 star review from the prestigious DJ MAGAZINE. A couple of years later he decided to set up his own label,and PARADISE RECORDS was born,with the intention of pushing Portuguese tunage. MR GROOVE & VERGAS established their first contact on a cold December afternoon,back in 1997. MR GROOVE was on a quest to find quality local producers for a compilation with strictly Portuguese artists called “A FINE PORTUGUESE SELECTION” and VERGAS was recommended by a mutual friend. VERGAS impressed MR GROOVE,not only with his material,but with the quality of ideas and production skills present on his tracks. In a joint venture with MCA,the compilation was released and became a fantastic success,selling more than 15.000 copies in Portugal only. MR GROOVE vs THE FOX "DANCE PLANET" was the single chosen to push over the radio waves. The track became so huge that it won the best dance music production of 1998 at the RADIO NOVA ERA AWARDS voted by the listeners. Over the next few years,MR GROOVE dj'ed at some of the best clubs and parties around Portugal,whilst VERGAS played live. The chemistry between both was so strong that soon they become best friends and partners in music. They then produced several singles for PARADISE RECORDS and remixed some of the biggest mainstream Portuguese artists. As a consequence of that,they decided to do a more dance/pop oriented group who they call THE FUNKEYS. They choose MARIANA as the vocalist and soon a full album was ready. It went on to be played heavily on radio and appear at the most viewed tv shows in the land. They also performed at many live gigs of note,including for 16,000 people at the infamous RADIO CIDADE concert in Lisbon. MR GROOVE & VERGAS then decided to make efforts to take their sound even further. their next goal was to take their sound on the International stage. The duo invited ROBERT to perform in a song called “BE THE STAR IN MY LIFE”,and just one month later,the track was signed to the German label GROOVE YA (DRIZZLY MUSIC). The first promos are served and soon guys like DAFT PUNK,ARMAND VAN HELDEN,ROGER SANCHEZ,FRANKIE KNUCKLES and DAVID MORALES are all playing it in their sets. RESULT!!!! The track went on to appear on several compilations worldwide. For the follow up contact was first made with the amazing American singer DEANNA DELLACIOPPA,who performs on the "FUNKY GROOVE" track,also put out on DRIZZLY MUSIC. it went on to achieve even more success across the airwaves and in clubs around the world. As a consequence of that,a series of tracks are agreed to be written by the 3 in the future. Skip forward to 31 December 2002: A new track is finished and played on a private new year's eve party for their friends. The reactions are more than great and “BLACK & WHITE” was born. Signed to YOSHITOSHI by ALI & SHARAM aka DEEP DISH and played at their 2003 WMC party at SPACE,the track soon captures the attention of the media being considered one of the top tracks of the conference that year. MR GROOVE & VERGAS get the recognition they deserve and the doors of other big labels are now open for them. Under names like DEEP AREA,DISCO FREAKS,PURE FUNK,THE BOOGEYMAN,DR BEAT and THE NIGHT RIDERS,their tracks regularly appear in the boxes and playlists of the best Dj..s and producers around the world,and one of their tunes,"MAD LOVE FOR YA",put out on SUBLIMINAL SOUL was chosen to be used in the final episode of the acclaimed HBO series SEX AND THE CITY,for use worldwide. In 2005, the duo is nominated by the readers of the prestigious Portuguese magazine DANCE CLUB for best national producers. Right now, MR GROOVE continues to work hard to please all his fans, and build his reputation as one of the finest Portuguese exports. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.