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The Members of Mycelia all used to play in other metal bands before forming the band. Mike had his and had also been in a side project with me in which I played drums. I had mine playing guitar and the mentioned side project with mike. Roy used to play bass in a big band and had his metal band as well. Marc f. was playing guitar in two bands and had singing experience from an older punk band he used to be in. .. Marc T. was the drummer of my band and later joined mikes band as they were looking for a new drummer. The two of them started writing new songs and raised the level to a point where differences (goals, musical tastes) within the band made a split-up inevitable. What would be the most frequent reasons for bands in our area or even country to split up? Unfortunately in Switzerland it's very hard to find musicians in your age, sharing the same ambitions, playing the required instrument on the required skill level, who want to play that kind of music and live in a reachable distance... That one time, Mike and Marc T. we're going to a cottage in the mountains for a weekend to write new songs and be really away from everything that could distract them. What came out was a new track that didn't sound like anything they wrote before but as it seemed unrealistic to actually perform it, they thought it would be an exceptional piece that would never come to use in their band... they made me listen to the song and I was really into it... as a matter of fact by that time it was already clear for me that I had to let go deadlocked habits and would have to start looking for something new or alternative to what I was doing musically and of course I was looking for the technical challenge, so this song would lead me to my new motivation. So I started to jam with these two guys and even expanded the song with some of my inputs. As we already knew each other, already been playing together and were into the same musical directions everything just flowed nicely and we decided to make this a band. Mike and I complement each other just perfect. Harmonically, technically, it just couldn't be better. I knew his playing from the side project I was playing drums in and he knew mine from the few shows he was helping out my band to fill in for the bass player because he had a hand injury. Marc T. had known us just as well musically and personally like mentioned before...he was drumming for both our bands. What is better than jamming with the drummer you were always used to and a guitar player that is used to him and to you as well... After the foundation we started to write songs and were looking for a bass player. Meanwhile all other bands and side projects mentioned came to an end for all the reasons said before. Getting to know Roy our bass player was a good one. There's an electronics store just right in front of our rehearsal place and I was getting some minor device for our home recording so I was attended by a guy with long hair and a band zipper on. He just looked metal as fuck to me so I just asked if he's a musician and guesses what: yes. He plays bass. He's looking for a technically skilled band. Wow, that went fast. We jammed and it turned out he was exactly the bass player we were looking for to give our music individuality and that certain touch of other musical styles. .. Last but not least we had to look of a singer to scream over our tracks. Not very long after meeting Roy I got to know Marc F. and we were out talking about old times and figured our former bands had been playing in similar circles. I talked to him about my recent project and made him listen to an mp3 that would later be a song called "The Legacy". He loved it and wanted to try out for our band, so in the end he would be the one with the most powerful will and best feeling for what matches our music well. And that's it. We had our man. The process of getting the band together took around 3 months. The first jamming that Marc T and I had was in January '09. Since then we were straight writing songs until spring 2010 where we got our first show booked for summer. Now we're focusing on rehearsing, playing shows, writing further and we're soon about to record our debut album, that should be out by the end of this year. We put blood, sweat and tears in this because we think music is the greatest of all our lives and the friendship within our family welds us together. With that said I can only be confident and no matter what happens...we will be playing our music and not be distracted by anything that isn't relevant. .. We’d like to thank everyone who has supported us in any way. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.