Nadine Medawar

A natural image of serenity and sincerity... This young calm girl finds a way to penetrate us and, at times, even take us aback. Her art can be described as genuine and her expression as truthful. Nadine’s songs are simple, yet down-to-earth. Her unpretentious lyrics relate to all souls willing to dig deep. She has just completed her first and independently produced record, which lasted 14 months to complete. “To be me” is an honest portrait of this songwriter’s heart and life. Nadine was born in Byblos, Lebanon and started studying piano at a very young age. While pursuing music, she completed a bachelor degree in International Business and Corporate Strategy and founded a humanitarian aid charity with her sister, at the age of 22. Nadine toured with Amelia, a La La La Human Steps creation for 2 years. Her singing voice narrated the eccentric choreographies of Edouard Lock and interpreted a complex score by David Lang, in some of the most selective venues in the world. She appeared in front of informed audiences, charming all of them, while receiving kudos from inspiring artists, such as David Bowie and Lou Reed. Her voice has been described as “angelic, dreamy, and melancholic”, while her songs have been portrayed as “sensitive and penetrating”. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.