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Nanci Griffith

Last Song For Mother


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If I promise not to cry
Will you look me in the eye
And tell me that you've known me?
I was your late, your lonely child
I am enhanced by all youÕve shown me

And in my youth I did defy you to the end
Please forgive my wildness then
Even I can't comprehend
What a mother's love has lent
To all that is me

And will you sing this song again?
Let us sing it hand in hand
While the band is still playing
Before the light can lose your hand
Before I lose my voice again
Let us sing it while it's playing

And if I promise not to cry
Please look me in the eye
And say you've truly known me
'Tis the sweet sound of goodbye
Amazing grace how sweet the sound

Between your soul and mine
If I promise not to cry
If I promise not to cry