Nanci Griffith > Other Voices, Other Rooms Night Rider's Lament

Nanci Griffith

Night Rider's Lament


While I was out a-ridin'
The graveyard shift midnight till dawn
The moon was as bright as a reading light
For a letter from an old friend back home


He asked me
Why do you ride for your money?
Why do you rope for short pay?
You ain't gettin' nowhere
And you're losin' your share
Oh, you must've gone crazy out there

He said last night I ran into Jenny
They married and have a good life
Oh, you sure missed the track when you never came back
She made the perfect professional's wife

(repeat chorus){she}


They've never seen the northern lights
Never seen a hawk on the wing
Never seen the spring hit the Great Divide
And they ain't ever heard old Camp Cookie sing

Now, I read up the last of my letter
And tore of the stamp for Black Jim
Little Dougie rode up to relieve me
He just looked at my letter and grinned

(repeat chorus)

(repeat bridge)