There are more than one bands with this name. Read the full article for all of them. 1) French hip-hop group. Please fix your tags for N.A.P., from their full name "New African Poets" 2) Bartholomew Napolitano was born in Long Island New York under the moniker Nap. He purchased his first album, blink-182 - Enema Of The State, in 1999 at 10 years old. Ever since then he considered himself a punk and never conformed to the ways of society. He was so rebellious he started to make fun of rap right around the same time 50 Cent dropped 'In Da Club' with his pal Smokey. Nap and Smokey went on to make 2 albums and began work on a 3rd but was left with many unreleased tracks. The quality of these tracks are very low seeing as Nap and Smokey only ran an instrumental in the background and recorded using a desktop microphone and the Sound Recorder program on Windows XP. A few years later he discovered that there were was a huge difference between hip-hop and rap he began working on his first solo album entitled Nap's House of Pancakes. 3) Brazilian one-man-band - Nap released 3 albums (2003, 2004,2006) mixing punk rock and crappy electronic music. Recently appeared on the virtual tribute "In the Aerorate Over Your Music" made by users from . He covered the song "Communist Daughter". He's also a member of Acrizios. Check his songs at: 4) Dutch gypsy music orchestra. Nap has a large repertoire of Hungarian, Rumanian and Russian gypsy music. They like making plenty of contact with the audience while playing They play at their audience's table, at their ear or even walking. In that they always are very welcome guests at all possible festivities. (translated and adapted from 5) Croatian rock band Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.