Arabic, flamenco, brazilian, African… the origins of Narf’s music are endless. After the success of Só Tambor, the second album is made by pop melodies that shape sounds from all around the world. Narf has been In England introducing his new songs, and this is a bit consequence for the name of the album: TOTEM (falcatruada 07). When one lays off by the world forward by nothing more than his art, it's good to leave marks on crossing roads to find your way back home. A totem is a cross without arms, a beacon for navigators of land. This totem marks 20 years of road, the road that began when Fran left her home with nothing but a guitar on his back. Narf lifted this totem every day, with flair and love, with fury and passion, here's the delicate singing and cry atrocious, here are the ghosts of ancestors, the cry of a child, the kiss of a lover and eyes in the future, here's what we love most and what hurts us most. What began as a personal totem was ultimately a totem for all of us. Because in this totem also hear the voices and see the shadows of those who were lucky to walk a while with him. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.