Niklas Aman

Niklas Aman is a Stockholm based guitarist and composer, passionate about doing acoustic instrumentals and drifting ambient music. His song Wings got a great placement in the intro to movie Meet Bill (starring Aaron Eckhart and Jessica Alba) which was the main reason to release a first album back in 2008 named ”Wings”. Since then there has been several album releases as well as many great placements in films and documentaries. Born 1968 in Sodertalje, Sweden, Niklas moved around a lot the first years between cities, before family finally decided to settle down in Vollsjo a small village in the south of Sweden. The place was crowded with farmers and living there on the countryside, well there weren’t too much to do, so.. Trying sports for a while never made things happen, but when he got his first guitar at age 14 things started to bloom. Passionately he practiced as much as he could, resulting in joining various bands and doing the first gigs and after a while the band Acropoliz was formed. The band was highly experimental and a great learning period for him, developing song-writing and playing skills during the next 5 years. During this time he studied to become an engineer, but decided to quit school and jumped on various industrial jobs to pay the bills.. (well music gear most of it) while continuing to write music. He then got a great opportunity as stand-in guitar teacher for a term at Kristianstad University and from there on it’s been all about music and playing the guitar. Shortly after the guitar teaching gig he did his first audition and got the job as a professional guitarist back in 1992 – in a small drama/dance ensemble called Karnteatern, Malmo. He then moved to Stockholm and got the opportunity to write music for (and perform) in various drama-performance-hybrids, projects like “Skrack i sommarnatten” (1993), “Variete Vauduvill” (1994) and “Blue Orange” (1994) an experimental pop/phoetry-project. In 1995 he met his wife Nina and after a while they decided to move to Varberg (small town on the west coast) and there he did music to and also co-produced the exhibition “Salt & Hagringar” together with Nina in 1997, an exhibition about signs and symbols. Later on in 1999 he started his first music production business called “Blue Spot”, doing bespoke music for shorts, corporate vids and radio-jingles. A year later, moving back to Stockholm he got introduced to Match Music – BMG (now Universal) and this resulted in doing production on two cd’s called “Drama Toolbox” and “Stings & Audio Logos”. They both were very well received with numerous placements in tv and films. For example did “BAFTA Awards” (BBC) early on use his sounddesign the whole evening back in 2003 (from “Stings & Audio Logos”). In parallel he worked part time as a music teacher at MFK, Stockholm. Back in 2005 he changed name on his business to “Brusbox” and he continued with doing bespoke music for corporate clients, also writing experimental music in various forms in parallel with the part-time job at MFK. In 2007 he decided to pause the music experiments, reduce teaching hours and work more focused on music adapted for film, published through various music libraries and publishers. This is also the starting year for the earliest songs available in the present music library. A year later in 2008 with help from publisher Crucial Music he got a fantastic placement, a 93s intro to the movie “Meet Bill” (Jessica Alba, Aaron Eckhart). The song “Wings” was placed just months later once again by the same publisher in another movie “Inconceivable” (Meg Tilly, Andy MacDowell). 2010 was an incredible year with music in movie Last Song (Miley Cyrus), award winning documentary “Talhotblond”, Spy Wars, Cold Case Files, Cartoon Network, Top Gear and Ralph Lauren documentary to name a few. In parallel with doing tracks for libraries Niklas also got involved doing music in two short film projects “Biljardkungen” by Dan Carrigan and “Love Like Hers” by Danny Lacey. 2010 was also the start of the Full Access Catalogue feat all songs by Niklas Aman available online for film makers, editors and music supervisors. After an increasing amount of requests he also decided to publish selected songs on iTunes for the first time with the albums “Wings” and “Good To Be Here”. 2011-2012 has been a lot about doing custom music to short films and developing the music catalogue further. Great placements has been made in several documentaries such as Lindsey Vonn:In The Moment, The Shadow of the Condor, People in Motion and shorter sports docu portraits and also a long row of tv/cimema ads & promos. Via other publishers a great number of both tv and film placements has been made. Album “Above the Clouds” was released in 2011 and the albums “Stirred Up”, “Fly Away” and “Dis Order” in 2012. Furthermore there was an increase in supporting non-profit/human aid/for good organizations with music such as Red Cross (Finland), Plan (Vietnam), Global Glimpse (US), the Rumi Foundation and Clinton Foundation (UK/US). Two new instrumental albums RED and The Talks were released in 2013, a year that also been a lot about music in documentaries and bespoke work in various projects. In 2014 even more focus was put on the music catalogue. 4 albums were released (Train, Perfect Day, Summer and Light and Water), along with that projects, clients and placements got larger. He once again joined Soundcloud since former distributor made it easier to release albums there. iTunes/Spotify distribution changed to make it easier for clients to license tracks. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.