Nino Katamadze

Described as a "Georgian Janis Joplin," Nino Katamadze, from Batumi, is one of Georgia's most renowned singers. Katamadze was a little-known singer when she arrived in Tbilisi a few years ago.But since then, her music has gained popularity not only in Tbilisi, but in every region of Georgia.She's made her fellow Adjarans proud.Nino tours a great deal and has performed at several important music festivals.At this point in her career, she has a very busy schedule. Defining the exact style of Katamadze's music is difficult; Nino calls it "art jazz."She sings mostly about love, sometimes spontaneously composing songs onstage."Musical motifs appear in my head unpredictably," she explains. Some call the singer the "Georgian Janis Joplin," a name that fits, given Nino's long hair and "hippie style" that make her seem a "daughter of the 60s." Music is a vital part of Katamadze's life, and her performances are always captivating."Music is the relationship between people," she explains, "and that's why live music is so important, because you share your impulses, love and way of life with people." Nino was born in Adjaria and studied as a vocalist in Batumi. In 1999, Nino Katamadze founded her 4 piece band - Insight. Since then they have been performing across Georgia, in Moscow and in some European countries. Band’s repertoire includes a lot of originally arranged Georgian folk songs. The strong side of the band is Nino’s vocal and extraordinariness in both music and stage performance. In 2002 Nino Katamadze was awarded for the most original music of the year alongside with Best Female performer award. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.