The idea of the band came up in Albacete, Spain in the summer of 2004 from the meeting between Itea Benedicto (vocals and composition) and Jesús Díez (guitars and composition). They began to look for a way to reflect the ideas and hopes they had in mind. Something original, different and special, finding their own way between the heavy and symphonic branches of metal, with important influences of classical music and a slight folk influence. It´s characteristic style put together powerful riffs and drums with an important melodic charge, great orchestration and the versatile voice of the soprano Itea Benedicto, getting influences from several Metal genres (like thrash, progressive, gothic, power...) as well as from Classical Music (specially from Baroque and Romanticism) and, sometimes, from Folk. In their songs it´s usual to find passages of high elegance and with a lot of arrangements, sometimes with some theatricality. There was still another year to pass for Níobeth to get a consolidated formation and so the work began to give results, approximately in August 2005 with the first concerts of the band. So, they prepared their first studio demo, recorded and mixed finally in August and September 2006. Under the name "Infinite Ocean Of Stars", the demo includes 6 tracks, five of own composition and an adaptation of The Magic Flute - Queen Of The Night Aria by W.A. Mozart. In the months after the demo was completed, some changes in the formation happened when Santi (keyboard and violin) and Alberto (drums) joined the band. From there and until the beginning of 2008 the band played in some festivals and began to tour different cities of Spain, with concerts in Madrid, Sevilla, Alicante, Valencia, Murcia, Cantabria and Albacete, sharing the stage with bands such as Saratoga and Centinela in some of the best arenas in the country (Sala Q, Sala Gamma, Sala Durango, etc…). With this first presentation card the band got very good reviews in national and international specialized press as Rock Hard, for example, as well as in different radios. Also, they are selected for various contests, both local and national, winning the second prize in Tobarock. The demo "Infinite Ocean Of Stars" sold very well in Spain through the web and concerts. In 2007, Níobeth appeared in the international MetalMatanza compilation, which includes bands from South America, Spain and U.S.A., opening ways to new listeners outside of their country. In the beginning of 2008, the band temporarily stopped their live shows to focus on the songs which would later compose their first album. The album, under the name "The Shining Harmony Of Universe" was recorded in August and September 2008 at the Nazgul Sound Studios (Forever Slave, Opera Magna, Dragonfly, etc.) in Valencia, Spain. Produced by Fernando Asensi and Níobeth, the album was released in October 2008. The album has a length of 70 minutes and a total of 13 tracks, including again the cover of The Magic Flute - Queen Of The Night Aria by W.A. Mozart and a bonus track, "Kowasani Furuete", an adaptation of one of the songs on the album, "A Frightening Shiver", with the lyrics in Japanese language, in what supposes a humble homage to the victims of the nuclear attacks at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In 2011, Itea announced the end of the band. Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.