Onda Vaga begins in january 2007, in the magic beaches of Cabo Polonio, Uruguay; when Nacho Rodríguez and Marcelo Blanco (former Doris) along with Marcos Orellana and Tomás Gaggero (Michael Mike) prepare an acoustic set (acoustic guitar, cuatro, trumpet, cajon) with their own songs to play some gigs during their vacations. In may 2007, back in Argentina, a new member joins the group: Germán Cohen (Satélite Kingston and Orquesta de salón), adding his voice and the smooth colour of his trombon to the band. The debut in Buenos Aires, Argentina comes in august 2007, in Tosto, since then, and strenghtened by the final dissolution of Doris (Marcelo and Nacho's 7 year old former band, one of the most influential psychedelic indie rock bands in Argentina) the “vagos” play several times in venues such as Radio Nacional, Chacarerean Theatre, Teatro de la Cooperación, Biblioteca Nacional, etc. They also play in almost any social event they are invited to (parties, bernissages, birthdays, etc) thanks to the mobility of their instruments and the joyous nature of their presentations. During april 2008, they perform in Castorera a series of sold out gigs introducing to the audience what would became Onda Vaga's first album, “Fuerte y Caliente”. With deep existencial yet simple lyrics, choral and harmonic arrangements and also really high spirited live performances, this mix of rumba-cumbia-reggae-folk-rock-happytango, brings lots of new fans to each show. All five musicians came from Buenos Aires' rock culture, but now they've loosen their attachment to wires and distortions offering themselves to the audience in the way they know the best: having fun. Read more on Last.fm. User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.