One Life Left One Life Left is a podcast focusing on Video Games based in London, UK They normally don't talk a lot about games, and their news isn't exactly NEWS but that's the joy of OLL. People involved: Ste Curran used to be Editor-at-Large at Edge Magazine, where he was predominantly responsible for writing wordy, over-earnest features, living life as RedEye, and acting like a petulant teenager. He now works as Creative Director at games studio Zoë Mode. He’s written three books about videogames, most recently ‘Game On!’ with his Triforce co-authors. He likes short stories about the end of the word, severe Scandinavian fringes, square waves and he once accidentally blanked Fumito Ueda. The studio guest for the very first episode of One Life Left, Simon Byron’s shot at the big time came after an unfortunate gaming accident left previous presenter Robert Howells verbally incapacitated. An industry veteran and current Sensible Soccer World Champion, Simon writes the popular Byronicman column for leading games industry magazine Develop, which he efficiently uses as a testbed for jokes he’ll use for real on One Life Left. Simon lists his interests as Muse, Muse, Kieron Gillen and Muse. Ann ‘Scoops’ Scantlebury once won a Nintendo DS on The Friday Night Project, and pronounces Shigeru Miyamoto with aplomb. She’s responsible for three sections of the show in addition to her lovingly compiled news section: Ann Fiction, celebrity Annterviews, and regular competition Ann Art. She is no longer a student and is looking for work. Why not employ her for a million dollars? Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.