Otto Ohm are an Italian Dub, Raggae and Alternative band from Roma. Formed in 1997 from an idea by Andrea Vincenzo Leuzzi and Fabrizio De Angelis, who started playing in a home studio, and from Fabrizio Bacherini' suggestions. Then other members joined, friends of the duo: Daniela Mariani, Stefano Bari, Emanuele Flammini, Paolo Pecorelli, Robert Duenas and Alessia Marcato. In those days Bacherini founded a label with Riccardo Sinigallia taking care of Otto Ohm's production, but then things changed, with Stefano Senardi getting interested in the band. In 2000 they released their first single, Crepuscolaria, and their first album, Otto Ohm. In 2003 Pseudostereo and in 2005 Naif. Group Members: * Andrea Vincenzo Leuzzi aka Bove * Fabrizio De Angelis aka Jolly Dread * Daniela Mariani aka Dana or Mama Trama (vocals) * Roberto Procaccini aka Lobbe (hammond, Dub Master) * Stefano Bari aka Fed (guitars) * Fulvio Liberati aka Speaker Tullio (bass and guitars) * Emanuele Flammini aka Gaspardo (keyboards) * Paolo Pecorelli aka Bokassa (bass) * Robert Duenas (flute & percussions) * Alessia Marcato aka Ale (violoncello) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.