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Overworld is an alternative metal band hailing from Stockholm, Sweden. Though a young band formed as recently as 2012, the band's members are hardly new to the scene, solely consisting of musicians from now disbanded but previously well-known Swedish underground acts. Playing a brand of music self-titled as "adrenaline rock 'n' roll metal", the band is steadily gaining recognition for their explosive live shows, fresh take on the rock/metal genre(s) and the close relationship with their ever-expanding fanbase. The band’s debut EP, “Perfect Anomaly”, was released digitally worldwide at May 25th 2012, instantly climbing to the top of iTunes Sweden and charting in at #12 in All Albums and #5 in Rock. This feat is made even more notable by the fact that the EP is entirely self-released, as the band has yet to sign a record deal. A music video for the track “Until We’re Dead” was released at September 22nd, hitting 7,000 views after only a single week on YouTube. The single "My Reality" saw the light of day at June 1st 2013 along with a music video directed by 11frames. It reached 12,000 views in less than a week on YouTube and charted well in Sweden: #57 on Digilistan and #3 on iTunes Rock. The band also played at Sweden Rock Festival, one of the world's biggest rock/metal festivals, for their most notable show so far. The single "Final Destination" was released at October 25th 2013 and also managed to chart in at #3 on iTunes Rock, marking the third release in a row that charts in at iTunes top 5. An album entitled "RE:Anomaly", which compiles all of the band's releases so far on one disc, was made available from the band's webshop starting December 10th 2013. CURRENT LINE UP: KAZ – Guitar (2011 – Present) (Kyrielle→Overworld) ANDIE – Drums (2011 – Present) (SAI→Junction Skies→Overworld) OLLI - Vocals (2015 - Present) ANTON - Guitar (2015 - Present) MATT - Bass Guitar (2017) FORMER MEMBERS: Endigo – Vocals (2011 – 2014) (Sounthesia→Still Echo→Overworld→BatAAR) Nikke – Guitar (2011 – 2015) (SAI→Junction Skies→Overworld) Lynx - Bass Guitar ( 2012 - 2015) (Fighting Dreamers→Overworld) Kriss - Bass Guitar (2015 - 2016) Read more on User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.